Metro Belgium loses readers

Both the French and Dutch version of the free Belgium Metro (Concentra) lost readers in 2007/2007 compared to 2006/2007. (click on picture for better view)

The papers have a joint readership of 764,000; which makes it the third best-read newspaper group in the country.

Het Laatste Nieuws and De Nieuwe Gazet have more than a million readers while Het Nieuwsblad, De Gentenaar and Het Volk have 950,000 readers. Het Volk was in previous periods separately reported.

The Dutch language Metro went down from 318,000 to 307,000 while the French version saw a drop from 516,000 to 478,000.

Most Dutch language paid papers saw an increase in readership. French paid papers – except Le Soir – lost readers. (CIM)

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