Metro Hungary 10 years

Metro Hungary is celebrating its 10 anniversary this week. The paper was launched on 7 September 1998.

Initial circulation was 190,000 at the start, and increased after a national edition was launched in 2001 to more than 300,000.

Current circulation of both editions is 320,000, with a readership of 656,000. The national edition is distributed in 24 cities in Hungary.

Hungary is one of the few free newspaper monopolies in Europe. In March 2007 a competitor, Busz, was launched. After a few weeks the paper closed down again.

After Metro Sweden, Hungary was the 2nd foreign edition of Metro after the Czech edition (now majority owned by German publisher Rheinische Post).

Last month the paper was forced to change its name from Metro to Metropol after Metro Cash & Carry AG sued the newspaper.

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