Austrian bulk and free circulation

As reported yesterday, Austrian free/paid daily Österreich has a free circulation of 175,000 – 40,000 of that is ‘official’ bulk sales according to the Austrian auditing organization OAK. ‘Sales’ in bulk is in most cases rather misleading as it is mostly ‘free’.

Circulation of ‘all-free’ papers in Austria (Heute, Die Neue and TT Kompakt) is not audited.

In Austria the OAK-audit distinguishes between two sorts of papers, those with max. 17.5% ‘bulk sales’ and those with max. 35% (Österreich is one of those).

Other paid Austrian papers also have substantial bulk sales; Kurier, Die Presse, Der Standard all distribute more than 10% in bulk. As all Austrian papers are also ’sold’ on a voluntary basis in bags on the street, the percentage unpaid is probably even higher.

Total free circulation in Austria – excluding free circulation of paid papers – is 700,000.

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