New design for 20 Minutes in November

French free daily 20 Minutes will introduce a new ‘more visual’ design in November of this year. The new 20 Minutes will have more and bigger pictures, a 4 column lay-out and new subjects covered.

Editorial space will not suffer according to editor-in-chief Corinne Sorin. The paper will also contain more local and economic news.

The problems regarding the sacking of internet chef Hufnagel – which resulted in a 5 day strike of the website in August – has not been resolved fully. Lawyers of both parties are still negotiating. The reason for the conflict is now described by director Pierre-Jean Bozo as “different views” of Hufnagel and editor-in-chief Corinne Sorin.

In the first six months of 2008 20 Minutes had a share of 16% of total national newspaper advertising income in France, before Parisien/Aujourd’hui (15%), Le Figaro (14%), Metro (13%) and Le Monde (12%). (L’Express)

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