Rivella colors 20 Minuten yellow

Swiss soft-drink Rivella has launched its new flavor Rivella Gelb (Rivella Yellow) on Monday in free daily 20 Minuten with the most expensive campaign ever for the free daily.

Apart from several ad pages, the whole paper was printed on yellow paper while the website was also colored yellow that day.

Other customers were informed of the change in color beforehand. (Persoenlich)

One Response to “Rivella colors 20 Minuten yellow”

  1. Sebastiano Mereu Says:

    I remember seeing the 20 Minuten-paper yellow, but I have to admit, it didn’t cross my mind that it was because of the Rivella Yellow launch. Rivella is a great product, but I am not sure their marketing strategies are working right now. They need to use a different approach and tackle innovators, not the masses!