Goebbels publishing first European free daily?

The Journal Media History contained in its last issue an article on what is probably the first European free newspaper ever published.

From April 23 till April 29, 1945, when the Russians were already in Berlin fighting for every street, the German propaganda Ministry, headed by Joseph Goebbels, published Der Panzerbär, with the subtitle “Kampfblatt für die Verteideger Gröss-Berlin” (Battle paper for the defenders of the Berlin area) through its own publishing house Deutsche Verlag.

The paper counted four pages and was free of charge although readers were urged to pass it on after reading (”Lesen und Weitergeben!”)

The paper expresses Goebbels’s ideas on the last days of the war – hoping that one of the German army corps would come to a rescue, while there also were hopes that the American forces would turn towards the Russians instead of the Germans.

The last issue was distributed on April 29. On April 30 Hitler killed himself in his Berlin bunker; Goebbels followed his example a day later, the city fell on May 2.

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