20 Minutes (France) on strike

The journalists at the French free daily 20 Minutes decided on August 11 to go on strike. As the paper is not published in August, the only visible result now is a press release (August 13) on the website of the paper and lack of any news later than August 11.

The workers at the paper support by the strike Johan Hufnagel, chief of the website, who was suddenly sacked from his job on August 11 by editor-in-chief Corinne Sorin. Disputes over the use of photographs. management, tasteless articles and a research on job satisfaction were supposed to be at the root of the conflict, although Hufnagel and the 20 Minutes management refuse to speak out about the conflict. (Mediapart, Le Monde)

Next Monday 20 Minutes is supposed to be published in printed form as well. It is not yet know whether the print-workers will join the strike.

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