Uutislehti 100 (Finland) closes next month

Sanoma Corporation, the newspaper division of Finland’s largest publisher SanomaWSOY, plans to close down their free daily Uutislehti 100 and incorporate the operation in their other free daily Metro. The ‘merger’ will take place in September. (Newsroom Finland via IFRA)

The new combined paper, Metro, is expected to have around 400,000 readers. With Uutislehti 100 having almost 300,000 readers, and Metro reaching 345,000 readers in 2007, overlapping readership must be substantial.

The plan to target Metro to a younger audience obviously did not work out the way it was planned.

Uutislehti 100 is one of the oldest European free dailies, the second after Metro Sweden, launched in April 1997 by the Janton media group (Janton Oyj). In 1999 also Metro International launched in Finland.

Sanoma acquired 20% of the shares of Janton in June 1998 but sold these again in December 2003. Less than six months later (May 2004) Sanoma announced that it would buy Uutislehti 100 from Janton Oyj – in June of that year the deal was closed.

In September 2006 Metro International sold Metro Finland to Sanoma who published Metro as a franchise. Uutislehti 100 and Metro were both part of the free dailies/weeklies group of Sanoma, Sanoma Kaupunkilehdet Oy.

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