Cutting corners at RedEye and Hoy

Chicago free daily RedEye (Tribune Company) underwent a ‘redesign’ according to Editor & Publisher.

God is in the details, as the saying goes, and this is also true for this ‘redesign’ which mainly concerns the logo where the capitals (left – old) have been changed to a lowercase font (right – new).

More important, however, is that the paper is now 1.5 inch shorter than before.

In a note to readers, RedEye Editor Jane Hirt said the page size “is now more compact to make the paper easier to handle on the bus or “L,” or on the treadmill, or in class” according to E&P.

So anyone thinking it had to do with cost cutting – saving on newsprint – is obviously wrong.

Last week also Tribune’s free Spanish language daily Hoy underwent a similar ‘redesign’ (cutdown).

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