Metromagazine Rio de Janeiro

Metromagazine, a free newspaper published in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) moved from a twice a week schedule to Tuesday to Friday publication last week.

The Friday-edition for the 16-page tabloid is distributed in the weekends as well. (correction: there is also a Saturday edition.)

Although the full name is Metromagazine, the ‘magazine’ part is printed in a very small font, displaying the ‘Metro’ title in full.

Also Grupo Bandeirantes and Metro International publish a (green) Metro in Brazil, in Sao Paulo.

Metromagazine distributes 70,000 copies in more than 60 different spots in the city. It started in August 2007 as a twice a week free paper.

In Rio, Metromagazine competes with free daily Destak, launched last month in Rio, one year after the introduction in Sao Paulo.

One Response to “Metromagazine Rio de Janeiro”

  1. Piet Bakker Says:

    The paper is actually published Tuesday to Saturday, so five days a week. It started not in 2006 as a twice-a-week paper but in 2007. This is now corrected in the posting.