Slovenia: žurnal24 second in readership

After tabloid Slovenske novice (352,000 daily readers) free daily žurnal24 – launched in October 2007 – is the second best-read newspaper in Slovenia.

The free daily overtook with 201,000 readers the traditional paid newspapers Delo, Dnevnik and Večer in Slovenia in the first half of 2008.

The NRB-study revealed that žurnal24 was leading over Delo (167,000 readers, 31,000 less than the first half-year 2007), Dnevnik (152,000 readers) and Večer (153,000 readers).

Zurnal24 is published with a circulation of 106,000 copies in editions for Ljubljana, Stajerska, Dolenjska, Gorenjska, and Primorska. It is distributed in over 300 boxes in city centers, railway and bus stations, parking places, at universities, hospitals and companies, with more than 60 hand distributors, in more than 300 buses of the main transport companies in 10 cities and on Adria Airways planes.

The Saturday edition žurnal, on the market since 2004 and household-delivered in more than 30 cities, had 257,000 and 286,000 readers in the last two rounds of measurement in 2007. Readership in 2008 increased to 357,000.

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