De Pers lays off 8 journalists

Free Dutch daily De Pers will lay off 8 of their 51 journalists to cut costs. The paper spent 60 to70% more than the budget allowed.

To cut costs further, the paper is also thinking about axing their Saturday edition, which apparently loses money too.

Editor-in-chief Ben Rogmans, who took over from publisher Cornelis van den Berg some months ago “didn’t notice” the overspending because he was so “occupied with making a good newspaper” according to de Volkskrant.

De Pers will focus more on financial and business news and less on culture and arts in the future.

Former publisher Cornelis van den Berg stated some months ago that the paper lost €60,000 a day. Rogmans, however, says this is “much lower”.

De Pers distributes 460,000 copies a day, half of them through public transport. The Saturday edition has a lower circulation and is distributed in shopping areas and through home-delivery.

The Saturday edition, printed in Berliner format in Belgium, started in September 2007. Free daily Metro also published a Saturday edition until the Summer of 2005.

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