Spain: Internet versus print

Free daily 20 Minutos might be the best-read newspaper in Spain with almost 3 million daily readers (see previous post), attracting online readers seems to be more difficult. The website had 547,000 unique visitors in March 2008 which made it the 14th website in Spain and the 6th newspaper website.

Four of the five newspaper websites with more visitors in Spain, however, are sports newspapers. El País is the only general newspaper with more visitors than 20 Minutos: 1,995,000, 2nd after sport paper Marca with 2,367,000 unique visits in March.

Sports papers AS, El Mundo Deportivo and Sport also have more online readers than 20 Minutos. Paid papers El Periódico, La Vanguardia, and ABC, however, have less readers than Other free dailies are not in the top 25.

These data indicate that even the website with most readers (Marca) has less unique readers online in one month than readers a day for the print version. (AIMC)

2 Responses to “Spain: Internet versus print”

  1. Alejandro Armesto Says:

    Hello Piet! What about I thought that it was in the top.


  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    Could be, but not in the AIMC report which says “* NOTA: Información referida exclusivamente a los sitios controlados por el EGM”.

    El Mundo is probably not audited by AIMC/EGM.

    I think there was a similar case last year when El Paìs used a different system.