Greek readership data

In the European readership entry (see previous post) data from some European countries were missing. One of our Greek readers now provided us with readership data on his country.

According to the official Bari readership audit of the first months of 2008, free daily City Press is the best-read newspaper in the country with 271,000 readers, free daily Metro is second with 250,000 readers.

Paid papers follow after the two leading free dailies: Ta Nea (185,000), Ethnos (180,000) and Eleftherotypia (174,000).

Free daily Metropolis is 6th with 167,000 readers, followed by paid papers Elefhteros Typos (138,000) and Kathimetini (107,000).

On June 22, the first free Greek Sunday paper was launched: Free Sunday. The paper is published by the same company that owns City Press. Free Sunday claims a circulation of 220,000 copies.

2 Responses to “Greek readership data”

  1. Dimitris Kareklidis Says:

    I would like to inform you of the existense of a free newspaper published in the small town of volos, Greece. Magnesia (title taken from the region’s name) first published in January 2007 has already established itselfv as the leading free newspaper in the area that paved the way for other free publications in the town of volos. At the moment Magnesia has a print run of 7000 copies distributed within the town centre and the outskirts of volos. We have plans for redesigning the paper and increasing the print run as demand is skyrocketing, given the newpaper’s quality that can easily compete that of the paid for titles. A basic website that will give its place to a fully functional news portal in the following months, can be found at (for those who speak greek)

  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    Thanks Dimitris,

    I added the paper to the ‘Greece’ page (Europe). Nice e-reader interface.