Top 10 Northern American free dailies

Editorsweblog published the top 10 of paid and free newspapers from the 2007 publication World Press Trends today. Their no. 1 position, however, is occupied by the Canadian Metro with 990,000 daily copies although the paper itself claimed a circulation of at least 200,000 lower.

The circulation for Quebecor’s 24 hours/heures on the other hand seems to be too low: it’s 705,000 instead of 240,000 (that would be the circulation of the Toronto edition only).

My list, therefore, is somewhat different.

  • Metro Canada 750,000
  • 24 hours/heures Canada 705,000
  • Examiner US 712,000
  • Metro US 620,000
  • AmNewYork 320,000
  • HOY (Tribune Co.), 210,000
  • RedEye Chicago 200,000
  • Express Washington 183,000
  • Quick Dallas 150,000
  • Metro Mexico 130,000

All the US/Canadian/Mexican circulation data, however, are not audited officially by a national recognized auditing organization.

World Press Trends also features the Dominican free daily El Expreso. Information on this paper, however, is very hard to find. It was closed down after the Baninter Bank went bankrupt in 2003, but perhaps it has resurfaced. The paper is not mentioned in any list of Dominican newspapers anymore.

One Response to “Top 10 Northern American free dailies”

  1. Piet Bakker Says:

    Correction: CCAB audits 24 Hours / 24 Heures in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver and Metro in Toronto and Montreal.