Nyhedsavisen best-read in Denmark

Free daily Nyhedsavisen was the best-read paper in Denmark with 551,000 daily readers in the last quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008.

Free daily 24timer with 544,000 readers is second while paid paper Jyllands Posten is third with 513,000 readers.

Free daily MetroXpress is fourth with 508,000 readers. Politiken is fifth with 444,000 readers while free daily Urban follows with 441,000 readers.

Popular tabloids Ekstra Bladet and B.T. follow with 420,000 and 393,000 daily readers. Berlingske Tidende has 358,000 readers. (Publicitas)

MetroXpress and Urban (both launched in 2001) lost readers compared to previous periods. In the first six months of 2006 – when they were the only free dailies in Denmark – MetroXpress had 680,000 readers while Urban had 624,000 readers. Also Jyllands Posten had more than 600,000 readers at that time.

The competition from the new free dailies Nyhedsavisen and 24timer seems to hurt the other free dailies even more than paid newspapers.

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