UK domain & trademark war

Both News International, owner of free daily thelondonpaper, and Associated Newspapers (London Lite) are participating in a ‘phony’ expansion was in the UK. Both companies are trademarking their brands and registering Internet domain name in several areas.

Associated trademarked the ‘Lite’ name for Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Scotland and Yorkshire.

The company also bought web addresses for more than 20 cities across the UK in 2006 after a similar move of News International. The last company claimed names like thebirminghampaper, thebristolpaper, theglasgowpaper, themanchesterpaper, thehullpaper, theleedspaper, theyorkpaper, theedinburghpaper, thecardiffpaper and theliverpoolpaper.

News International had also bought the rights to

Associated bought web addresses for ‘Lite’ in Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Southampton, Plymouth, Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich, Oxford, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke, Leicester, Coventry, Leeds, Hull, Liverpool, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Swansea. (Press Gazette)

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