Metro best read Swedish daily

With 1.571,000 daily readers Metro is Sweden’s best read paper in the last four months of 2007. Paid papers Aftonbladet (1,255,000 readers), Expressen (1,040,000 readers) and Dagens Nyheter are second, third and fourth according to the last Orvesto research.

The second Swedish free daily City had 600,000 readers, while Punkt SE followed with 594,000 readers. Punkt (Schibsted) is published in all three major markets Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö; City (Bonnier) only in two because it closed down the Göteborg edition, while Metro has also a national edition.

In Stockholm Metro lead with 650,000 readers before City (512,000) and (338,000).

Compared to 2006 Metro lost some readers because of the heavy competition, although the national (riks) edition had more readers than in 2006. Stockholm City also lost readers compared to last year while gained readers in the first full year. According to Schibsted, the readership of Punkt SE “shows good growth in recent readership reports. However, there us a time lag before this materializes into increased sales, as expected”. (Schibsted news release)

Metro Sweden is also starting a partnership the the May Way ‘fast shops’. Within one year 80 shops will be opened while the goal is 200 by 2009. The concept is said to be competing the the 7-Eleven shops. (Metro Stockholm)

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