Free Swiss model moves to Sunday

stadtblatt.pngIn Switzerland the market share of free papers is more than 45%, with five national titles in the German speaking part (three morning papers, one afternoon paper and a business papers) and two in the French speaking part. In Winterthur, North-East of Zurich, the paid weekly paper Das Stadtblatt moved also to free Sunday distribution in the beginning of this year.

Growing competition from free dailies might have been one of the reasons for the switch, on Sunday there is also competition but only from paid papers.

The Stadblatt is very different from ‘regular’ free weeklies. It concentrates of opinion and discussion and not on news, editorial it is leaning towards the left, it has long stories and is printed mostly in black and white.

Until the end of 2007, the paper was published on Thursdays and did cost three Swiss franks (almost two Euro’s). Publisher Guido Blumer hopes to break even in two to three years. The paper will home home delivered in 46,000 copies. (Persoenlich)

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