Göteborg City closing down

cityg.jpgThe last issue of the Bonnier free daily for Göteborg, Sweden, will be published on Friday December 21. The edition which had a circulation of 44,000 was launched little over a year ago in September 2006. There were six journalists working for the edition.
In Göteborg, City competed with the Metro edition which was launched in 1998 and distributed more than a 100,000 copies. A month after the launch of Göteborg City, a third free paper, Punkt.SE by Schibsted, was introduced with a circulation of 90,000.

In all three major Swedish markets: Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, competition is high. Also market leader Metro felt the competition from the new launches because free papers tend to compete among themselves and competition leads to a pressure on advertising rates.

Bonnier, also publisher of Dagens Nyhether and Expressen, is the first to pull out. Metro cooperates with local publisher (and market leader) Göteborg Posten while Punkt.SE sells advertising together with Schibsted’s flagship Aftonbladet.

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