Metro photo challenge

metrophoto.JPGAll Metro’s have participating in a worldwide photo contest: Metro Global Photo Challenge. Readers in all countries uploaded their pictures of city life.

Online voters and a jury decides who’s winning the trip to New York, digital camera’s and a free lance contract as a staff photographer. Winners will be announced today. My favorite Dutch photo pictures (what else) a cow in the city. (But I have to admit that pictures from other countries seem to have more quality.)

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  1. Adriano Amalfi - Blog Says:

    Metro Global Photo Challange…

    Ho deciso di partecipare al conocorso indetto da Metro il giornale gratuito che troviamo in metro e nelle stazioni per intenderci. Loro si definiscono cosi:
    Metro è un quotidiano gratuito che offre ai propri lettori ciò che desiderano: notizie, int…