Free weeklies wave

Launching a free daily might prove to be costly and complicated. A weekly could serve as a test or an independent business model. In fact, there are already many free weeklies available. Not just the traditional shoppers or local advertising driven publications. More weeklies have a distinct magazine or daily look-and-feel. In France and Spain many of these are published, while also Londoners can choose from many titles.

The last weeks saw a small wave of new weeklies published. In Scotland, Trinity Mirror launched Business7 last week, 20,000 copies aimed at (guess what) “thrusting young employee” (Sunday Herald).

In Hungarian capital Budapest German publisher WAZ launched Budapesti 7 Nap (Seven days of Budapest) on the 16th of August: 24 pages, half berliner, with local (district) information on 8 pages. Circulation is 750 000 copies, while the paper is home delivered. Competing free weekly Helyi Téma (Local Issues) now has changed the concept and remade the slightly right wing paper to a clear tabloid.

esikaas.jpgIn Tartu (Estonia) a new local news-oriented free weekly Tartu Expres was launched on September 6. Tartu Ekspress will be available in bigger trade centers. The newspaper will start with the circulation of 25,000.

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  1. André Pascowitch Says:

    You are right Piet, specially for small investors like ours in Brazil. So, GIRO SP is the first of Sao Paulo ( since march 07.

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