Marseille Plus to Hersant

French investment group Lagardere (media, technology, sports) wil sell its regional newspaper group to Hersant Media Group for 160m euros. The paid regional newspapers La Provence, Nice Matin, Var Matin, Corse Matin and free daily Marseille Plus are all published in the south of France. With the sale Lagardere pulls out of newspapers altogether. Hersant controls the media group Socpresse/Le Figaro. Free ‘Plus’ dailies in Lille and Lyon are already part of the group. [See comment below for correction.]

The sale means that Mecom’s bid for the papers (and for Le Monde’s southern interest Midi Libre and Monpellier Plus) has been turned down. Threaths of strikes at Nice Matin were meant to prevent the sale to Mecom. The position of Midi Libre and Monpellier Plus is still uncertain. Le Monde has been trying to sell the regional group for some time. Apart from Mecom, also Sud-Ouest (paid and free dailies in Bordeaux) were interested. Consolidation in Southern France seems unavoidable.

Sources: Interactive Investor, Le Libre, Le Figaro

2 Responses to “Marseille Plus to Hersant”

  1. Wilf Says:

    Socpresse is now 100%-owned by Dassault. No relation anymore with Hersant. Furthermore, Socpresse has divested most of it regional newspapers incl. La Voix du Nord / Lille Plus now owned by the Belgian group Rossel (le Soir); Le Progres/Lyon Plus now owned by (L’Est Republicain).

    Le Figaro article says that Midi Libre/Montpellier Plus should be sold by Le Monde to Sud Ouest for ca. 90-100 MEUR.

    Sud Ouest/Depeche du Midi/Midi Libre is emerging as a strong regional group in south west of France.


  2. judith Says:

    I am trying to find out what size of a group Sud Ouest is or whether it is a newspaper within a group. Obviously my lack of french is posing a problem – i found this blog on google and i notice that you mention Sud Ouest in the following statement:

    Sud Ouest/Depeche du Midi/Midi Libre is emerging as a strong regional group in south west of France.

    How many newspapers are in this group? Who is the group owned by? What kind of newspaper/group would you compare it to in the UK if any?

    any information on this would be great thanks