Portuguese newspaper market

destak_pt.jpgPortugal is now the fourth market in Europe in terms of market share of free newspapers. After Destak and Metro were introduced in 2004, the market expanded with business paper OJE in June 2006 (see previous post) and sports paper Diario Desportivo (see previous post) in January of this year. Destak, Metro and Diario metro_pt1.jpgDesportivo have different editions for Lisbon and Porto, Metro also distributes a national edition in some other areas. Total circulation in Portugal is almost 400,000, which is 40% of the total circulation. Destak, owned by the Cofina Group, introduced a new website recently. Both Metro, a joint venture between Metro International and Media Capital – owned by Prisa (El Pais), and Diario Desportivo, however, still don’t have a website. Papers are distributed in the subway but also handed out by hawkers, dropped off at offices and hotels and distributed in the street to people waiting in their cars for the traffic light. In a crowed market some saturation sets in, not all boxes are emptied at the end of the morning. In the subway more than half of the people are reading a newspaper, most of them the free ones.  (see also an interview Diario Noticias, and the weblog: on Portuguese media by João Pedro Pereira - both in Portuguese)

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