New York’s getting cheaper

nypost.jpgThe New York Post’s weekday subscription price has recently dropped to $13 a year, meaning that the paper is home delivered for 5 cents a day. After the Post dropped its single copy price from 50 to 25 cents in 2000, the paper overtook the Daily News in circulation – 704,000 against 693,000 – but is still losing millions of dollars a year. Also the weekly New York Observer ($15 a year) and the Wall Street Journal ($99 a year) joined the cheapies. In the afternoon the New York Times is sometimes sold for 25cts. The struggling New York Sun is home delivered for 34.95 a year but in fact the paper is mostly distributed for free to “elite neighborhoods“. In 2005 the paper left the ABC for CAC, an auditing organization more open to free distribution. And there are two ‘real’ free papers in New York: Metro and AM New York.

Sources: Village Voice, Innovations in Newspapers, NY Sun, Gawker

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