Romanian free competition increases [updated]

romaniaexpress.jpgWithin one year the share of free dailies in Romania went from zero to almost one quarter after launches of Compact and two Express-editions, and the conversion of Curentul from paid to free (see previous post). But also non-dailies are emerging in the new EU member state. The weekly Romania Express, was launched March 14, and although it has a cover price it is also distributed sometimes for free to travelers on trains and airlines. The paper is printed FED Print in Bucharest. Owner of Romania Express is Mason Brothers Investments SRL.

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    Blog on free papers // Curentul has turned free using European money

    Piet Bakker is an expert in free dailies and writes on free newspapers all around the world on his blog, Newspaper Innovation.

    He’s also written about Curentul, recently relaunched as a free paper. Curentul, Bakker says, is the third free daily on the Romanian market, after Compact in Bucharest and ‘Express’, which distributes in Timis and Arad counties (actually it’s Timis Expres and Arad Expres).

    According to Bakker, Curentul has jumped from 4,000 to 126,000 distributed copies [by mistake, I had written 'sold' instead of 'distributed', but I corrected it later] since it turned free and plans to boost 300,000 copies later (Curentul had announced a few months ago that it would turn free and distribute 300,000 copies).

    Bakker also says the newspaper got European development funds to go free – which would be a first in Romania and a potential model for other struggling newspapers which only have minuscule circulation.

    Free newspapers distribute, in Romania, a total of 326,000 copies, that is cca 23% of the market, Bakker writes (Compact distributes 150,000 and is to increase its circulation to 160,000).

    the links to Bakker’s blog and to his post on Curentul came from Bart Brouwers, editor in chief with the free daily Sp!ts in the Netherlands.

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    “Blog despre cotidiene gratuite // Curentul a devenit free cu bani europeni”

    How can a FREE newspaper be SOLD?
    Thanks in advance to the person who answers..
    Left by Victor Ciutacu on April 2nd, 2007 [Victor Ciutacu is deputy editor in chief with a big daily in Bucharest]

    Victor: hehe, pardon :) mea culpa, I wrote it jumped to 126,000 sold copies after turning free :).. I am now correcting the error.. anyway, I think your question still stands for Curentul..
    Left by bradutz [that's me] on April 2nd, 2007

    Eh, distributed, not sold, I also spotted the mistake.
    Left by Denisa on April 2nd, 2007

    @Bradutz, so you are implying the rumour I heard – that the newspaper founded by the famous SOV (Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, a big time businessman) has fallen, with the mediation of gracious Iacob [the present owner of Curentul], under the sphere of influence of the unmatchable Udrea [a former presidential councelor and, rumour has it, the president's mistress] – would have a slight smell of credibility?
    Left by Victor Ciutacu on April 2nd, 2007

    Victor, I’m not suggesting anything, but let’s ask around :)
    Left by bradutz

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    [...] The infringement of Rumanian president Traian Basescu for misuse of power on April 18, was so important according to paid newspaper Evenimentul zilei, that it decided to publish a special evening edition. The 75,000 copies were distributed in four major Rumanian cities Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, and Cluj. In Bucharest the distribution network of Compact, the free newspaper by Ringier (also publisher of Evenimentul zilei) was used. Rumania recently developed as a country with quite a few free dailies and weeklies (see previous post). [...]