First Moroccan free daily: aufait

aufait.jpgThe Northern part of Africa saw its first free daily on March 1 when aufait was launched in Morocco. The 16-page ful color tabloid is available in Casablanca and Rabat and will be distributed in Marakesh soon. The initial circulation of the French language daily is 10,000. the paper is hand distributedt o cafe’s and also available on board of some Royal Air Maroc flights. The paper, created by Canadian web service and design company Devocean, has a small staff of only three editors and uses mostly press agency news from AFP and Maghreb Arab Press (MAP). The paper has a professional looking website with a pfd-download of all editions so far.

Source: Arab Press Network

One Response to “First Moroccan free daily: aufait”

  1. philip Says:

    this is a pure copy of metro france, incredible !! same layout, same website ! How can this be authorized ?