African update

dailynews.gifIn the last newsletter the first African free daily (Metro Citizen in Johannesburg) was annouched. Apparently there is already another free daily in Africa, although it is a completely different model. The government of Botswana distributes its own paper, the Daily News, free of charge to the population. A BBC worldservice document on newspapers in Botswana has detailed information. The paper has a circulation of 65,000 and started some years ago, although it is not clear when it became a free paper – in 2003 it introduced advertising which resulted in undercutting the rates of the private owned press. There is only one other daily in Botswana: Mmegi, published in the local language Setswana, the Daily News has one page in Setswana. There are also several weeklies published in the country where radio is still the most important medium.

Sources: World Association of Newspapers, BBC

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