Danish free dailies war paid by taxpayer

ingengratisaviser.jpgNot everybody is happy with the flood of free door-to-door delivered papers in Denmark. In parliament some parties have raised the issue why the Danish taxpayer would be subsidizing this war between publishers. Danish papers receive a yearly tax deduction of 1.5 billion Kroners (€200m) because they pay 0% VAT (normally 25%) and because they profit from low postal rates. At the same time Danish papers are among the most expensive in Europe, a full subscription to Politiken is more than €500 a year – a single copy costs more than €2. The three free door-to-door papers Dato (Berlingske), 24timer (JP/Politiken) and Nyhedsavisen (Dragsbrun) are together losing more than 4 million kroners (€500,000) a day according to the Danish Journalism Union magazine Journalisten. Another issue is the amount of waste and unwanted free dialies. If the papers can not solve this before April 1, a law might be issued to force papers to respect stickers on mailboxes that ask not to deliver any free paper.

Source: Politiken

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