Retail distribution for Metro Holland

wilhelminaplein.jpgMetro Holland will increase daily circulation to 535,000 from Monday January 22 on by distributing in 224 supermarkets of retail chain Super De Boer. De Pers wants to distribute a third of their circulation (250,000 at the start – moving to 800,000 at the end of the year) through retail, the paper did not reveal any contracts yet. The weeks leading to the launch of the third Dutch free daily De Pers, both established free papers Metro and Spits both already increased their distribution through contracts with local bus operators (see previous post). Metro, however, lost their monopoly on railway distribution and has to allow the boxes of De Pers next to their own (see movie of De Pers displays being placed in offices of Metro and Spits). The familiar green boxes, like in any other country where Metro is published, will be replaced by bright orange ones. In the Netherlands almost 3,000 boxes will be replaced.

Source: Metro Holland

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