Swiss competition increases

portail-bleublog.jpgLe Matin Blue, free daily by Edipresse (Le Matin) in French speaking part of Switzerland, increased circulation a year after its launch to 166,000. The paper is distributed through 750 boxes and in 1100 café’s and restaurants in two editions: Geneva and Vaud (Lausanne). The last edition is also available in French speaking communities in other cantons (Neuchatel, Jura, Freiburg, Wallis and Bern). Competitor 20 Minutes announced a third edition for these areas in January (see previous post), increasing circulation to 240,000. Total Swiss free circulation will increase to more than 1.3 million – in 2005 paid Swiss circulation was 2.4 million. Le Matin Bleu has 247,000 readers, 45% is below 35 years. The paper offers joint advertising with Le Matin. The website of le Matin Bleu: BleuBlog has 7,500 active bloggers.

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